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Collection Abuse Cases. Our firm is experienced in handling
claims against debt collectors arising under the Fair Debt
Collection Practices Act. We handle both individual claims and,
when the claim seems typical of a debt collector's widespread
practice, class action claims.

Collection Defense Cases. Our firm is also experienced in
defending consumers who have been sued to collect a debt.
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Our Focus: Fair Debt Collection

Inability to Pay a Debt is Not a Reason to be Mistreated.
Like everyone else, someone in financial distress is entitled to
respect and honesty - particularly by the people trying to collect
those debts. To combat an intolerable level of debt collector
misconduct, Congress enacted the Fair Debt Collection Practices
Act (FDCPA). The law imposed a standard of behavior. Congress
included special benefits to consumers for bringing claims against
debt collectors engaged in unlawful conduct. Please see our
Services page for more details about the consumer's rights under
the FDCPA.

Many Debt Collectors Make the Situation Worse. The barrage
of collection calls and letters only add to the stress.
Unfortunately, there is conflicting information online, the worst of
which are non-lawyers who tap into that stress by promising
unachievable results in exchange for the few available dollars. We
hope that this site and the links on the
Resources page will assist
in providing accurate information.

Misunderstanding Debt Buyers. Increasingly, creditors are
selling defaulted consumer debts to companies which buy the
accounts in bulk. Frequently, those debts are repackaged and
sold to other debt buyers. Our experience is that many
consumers give up even when they do not understand why or
how the debt buyer is entitled to the amount it claims to be due
or whether the debt buyer legitimately acquired the account. This
issue is discussed further on the
Services page.
You are probably here because you were contacted by a debt collector.
You are in search of reliable information and sound advice.

We are here to help consumers enforce their right to
fair debt collection practices.
This website will:
  • Describe our services.
  • Provide examples of successful cases.
  • Be a resource for useful materials.

Our experience is that most people do not realize their rights and protections under the law.
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Unfortunately, no two situations are the same - there is no cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all solution.
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