The Consumer's Dispute Letter

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the initial written
communication from a debt collector (collection agencies and collection
lawyers) must notify the consumer of certain rights which can be exercised
within 30 days  after receipt. A consumer has the right to dispute the debt,
to request verification of the debt, and to request the name and address of
the original creditor.
15 U.S.C. §1692g.

The verification requirement is rather low and a letter requesting more
detailed information cannot impose a greater obligation  under the FDCPA. If
an account has been sold, however,  the Uniform Commercial  Code allows
the  account debtor to request proof of any assignment.
U.C.C. §9-406.

Therefore, we generally recommend a simple letter which states:

    I am in receipt of your letter addressed to me dated [INSERT DATE].
    I dispute the debt. I request verification as well as the name and
    address of the original creditor.

    In addition, please provide me proof of each assignment of the

If there are particular times of the day when it is inconvenient
to receive telephone calls, you can add:

    It is inconvenient for me to receive telephone calls [STATE THE

You should also let the debt collector know if your employer does not allow
you to receive collection calls at work. So, you can also add:

    You should never call me at  work because  my employer prohibits
    such calls.                                         

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